Places Outside Lagos

There are some exciting places outside Lagos which you can visit, Osogbo grove is a UNESCO World heritage site.Located 250 km from the city of Lagos,affords one the chance of visiting an iconic place.A traditional forest dedicated to the River godess and made famous by Susanne Wenger,the Austrian Artist .The is also the Abraka polo club,and the well know Obudu cattle ranch which has now become a resort.

Osogbo Grove

The Osogbo Grove,is one of the only two cultural world heritage Unesco sites in Nigeria . It is a large forest a few hours drive from Lagos in Oshogbo ,the forest that covers about 75 hectares, is one of the last surviving sacred grooves in Yoruba land,the River Osun is also situated in the forest and it is an integral part of some of the ceremonies perfomed during the festival. The festival is an annual, 12 day festival between July and August every year. Which you can attend.The Grove has been made popular by the acceptance of the now Late Suzanne Wenger an Austrian woman ,who moved to the Grove when she visited Nigeria in 1950 and stayed on not returning to her own country. She learnt the language,the tradition and She became a high priestess ( Adunni Olorisa ) She literally dedicated her life to the forest,and its art. She lived there until her death in 2009 at the age of 94.Her love and committment to the forest and its deities has suceeded in giving much International interest in the Grove and thereby bringing new artists and inspiration to the forest.Her Artwork can be seen around the grove and some galleries retain some of her works.The grove is well worth a visit. "Susanne Wenger" by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Osun State , Oshogbo

Abraka Tuft & Country club

This is privately run Polo club just outside Warri,Delta State. Often hosting international tournaments featuring international players.It is Located near the Stunning River Ethiope,where the clear and refreshing river provides swimmers with the best water for swimming. The current is quite strong so its a good idea to get a local canoe to take you up river, and then you swim back downstream. The club has accomodation in the form of Chalets and every weekend the horses get turned out ,giving you the chance of getting up,close and personal with some horses.

Obudu mountain Resort

This resort in situated about five hours from Calabar in Cross River state.Formerly known as the Obudu cattle ranch this new resort is set in breathtaking views of the mountains. With outdoor pools,a water slide, a canopy walk and a cable car system ,a visit is highly recommended.

Ake Book Festival

The Ake book festival consists of a series of Book readings,plays,and master classes in Art,Drama, film making and much more.Hosted by well known professionals both locally and Internationally.

Calabar Carnival

The Calabar Carnival has been run since 2004,it was first started by a previous Govenor of Cross River State,Donald Duke.He started the carnival, as an annual event to attract visitors .The carnival is a street party over approximately 4 days . It features a boat regatta,a fashion show ,music ,traditonal and cultural dances .

Agodi Gardens

This a recently developed Garden .There is a swimming pool and prices are reasonable.It is located on Parliament road,in Ibadan.

Abuja Hash

For those who like running outdoors. If you are in Abuja and would like to join the group you can ask to join on facebook.

Drill Monkey Ranch,Calabar

The Drill monkey ranch is a rehabilitation centre for Drill monkeys that are an endangered species. The centre also maintains the Afi Mountain wildlife santuary where a number of the drills have been transfered to a natural forest area , enclosed with fences for their own protection.The centre has now also expanded to rehabilitating Gorillas and Chimpanzees as they share the same habitat. (Photo photo by Cyril Ruoso) Taken from Pandrillus website

Bwari Pottery Abuja

This is a local pottery that is run by Stephen Mhya the work is outstanding and pottery can be purchased either at the pottery or the American Embassy in Abuja.The pottery is located adjacent to the Nigerian Law School,Bwari Abuja.Call to confirm opening hours.