Get The Lingo

Nigerians place much importance on greetings. We like our good mornings , good evenings and good afternoons and show of general concern for ones family.Indeed in Yoruba culture,there is a greeting for literally everything,from sitting down to watching the rain.(Eku Ojo) We have included a few words of Pidgin English and Yoruba words and phrases here to try help you understand ! English is however the official language in NIgeria.Keep in mind the meaning of Yoruba words can change drastically depending, on intonation and the way you pronounce them. So you may end up saying something quite rude instead of a seeminly innocuous word.

Nigerian Lingo English
Morin Good Morning
How you de How are you ?
How your family? How is your family?
Wetin you bring come for me? What goodies do you have for me?
Na Alafia I bring come I have brought good will
We de here for you Oga? Means we are working here for you so,what goodies do you have for us?
Oga /madam Mr /Mrs
Waka walk
comot from dat place Get out or Move from there
I de come It means am going now and coming back later
I wan waka go I am going
Na only you waka come Are you the only one that has shown up
darris a God oh There is a God
say wetin happen What happened
wetin/Kilode whats wrong
Shine your eye Get with the programme/get wise
Mumu A fool
Mugu A fool that’s been played
Na who be mumu Who is a fool
Nothing de for ground now I have nothing for you now
Yellow Fever(Not a vaccination in this case) Traffic warden
Who are you re Are you important
you no know me before If you didn’t know I was important you surely will now
Hungry de wire me I am hungry / I need some cash
we wan chop We need cash or we are indeed hungry
419 A Scam or a scamer,this actually refers to the law under which they are dealt with hence 419.
chop wetin Eat what
yahoo yahoo Internet Scammers otherwise known as 419ers
see your swaga Your moves ,walk the walk
How Bodi? How’s life
I de fine,Bodi de for clot Well am alright
Oga make you manage dis small change Heres what little cash I have
You wan chop Are you Hungry
me sef I never chop I myself am hungry
abi yep
bokun Plenty off something
broda brother
ashawo Prostitute /naughty boy/naughty girl
Ode Stupid fool
joh.. I beg.. Pleaz please, I am sorry
yeye man Foolish man
Koboko leather whip used by soldiers to whip and keep order
Ekaro(Yoruba) Good morning
Ekuise(Yoruba) Greeting for someone working
O dabo(Yoruba) Goodbye
Ese Thank you
Eku ile( Yoruba) Well done in the house
Ekabo Welcome back home
Taiwo & Kehinde The names given to twins by Yoruba people, it’s a unisex name
Dami lohun Answer me
kilode Whats wrong
There is no network This means my phone wasn’t working
Go slow Traffic