Areas of Lagos

The City of Lagos is very densely populated,with estimates ranging from anything ,up to twenty million people. When you arrive,you will quickly notice,that there is hardly any where that is unpopulated or lonely. It is not surprise then to find that there are numerous areas to Lagos and we have only outlined a few of those areas that are most likely to be relevant to visitors to Lagos.Namely,Ikeja,Victoria Island, Ikoyi,Lekki or banana Island. You will also notice Locals have affectionately named parts of the City according to what side of the third mainland bridge you are located,“the Island” refers to victoria Island,Ikoyi ,Lekki,Banana Island and Onikan areas. The Mainland refers to literally any area, on the other side of the bridges!


The important landmarks in Ikeja are the International Murtala Mohammed Airport .There is also a large Army Barracks and Cantonment which happens to be located right on the border with the GRA, Golf course in GRA . GRA Ikeja also has a number of hotels and schools in the area which used to be purely residential has become very commerical.


Bagadry is better known for its associations with the Slave trade.As well as the first place where Christianity was preached in Nigeria.Access to Bagadry by road can be dicey has it has notoriously bad traffic. It is possible to avoid this by careful planning.

GRA Ikeja

The Term GRA stems from what was termed the " Government Reservation Area",during the Colonial days. It is still referred to as GRA. There are also Gra areas in Ikoyi and Apapa .New areas such as Lekki and Banana Island will not have any GRA''s.Most of the GRA's had old colonial houses and bungalows,however most are now giving way to apartment blocks and schools,and so the Skyline of Lagos is slowly changing.

Ikeja Opebi

During the early 80s, the Opebi and Allen Avenue areas were new residential areas that were built, however the main roads in these areas have become highly commercial.Giving way to shops and banks taking over, there are still residential areas on the inner parts of the Allen Avenue.


Alausa is the seat of the Lagos state Government,as such Govenors office and all the ministries are situated within " Alausa" . The area borders on the industrial part of town which in the old days,7o's ,used to be known as Isheri with big companies having factories in that area. Such as Caterpillar, Coca cola, Cadbury and many more.


Ikoyi was the most exclusive area when it was founded, before independence its Colonial houses were home to most expatriates during the early 60's ,now of course things have changed. As land is becoming valuable,as the population increases,bungalows have given way to apartment blocks with penthouses. New areas have been created through sandfilling , such as Banana Island,this being one of the most expensive areas to buy real estate.


Herbert Macaulay way the main road in Yaba,being named after the famous Nigerian who led the independence move .The area is known for landmark institutions such as the University of Lagos,Yaba college of Technology and famous secondary schools such as Queens college,Methodist girls high school and it is also well known for the Tejuosho market.


Onikan area is the crossroads of S.W Ikoyi and Lagos.In the area are the Yoruba tennis club,Island club and the Muson centre is close by.

Victoria Island

This area was originally a quiet residential area, over the years it has now become commercial and very busy .We tend to have residential and commercial intertwined.So Victoria Island ends up being a mishmash residential, tall sky scappers occupied by hotels and office blocks.Beware that during the rainy season some roads can flood.


Victoria Island now extends out to Lekki , within the last 15 years this area has developed rapidly . There is a Lekki trade free zone being developed which will open up the area.Especially once the airport and the deep sea port is completed.


Apapa is synonymous with Ports and trailers loaded with containers as it is built around the ports,the residential area still exists as the GRA area. However there is also a higher density area,which boarders on the commercial area and flour mills.Photography -Yink Akinkugbe


Predominantly residential houses and flats and offices. An older part of Lagos which is has been adopted by Indian community school and their families as their preffered location.


Maryland is in Ikeja,close to the Gra and an access route to the airport.In the early 70's some of the estates such as Maryland estate,Cappa estate and Okupe estate provided homes for the expatriate community.