About Us

The city of Lagos is an enigma, the place people love to hate.It can be chaotic, challenging and hectic, yet at the same time, it has a buzz that seems to draw people back to it. We have seen Lagos slowly change over the years, from being a small quiet place, to become a densely packed city of about twenty million people. Moving around is difficult because of the “go slow” or traffic and we aim to bring you an online source of information so you can check out places and plan your time in Lagos, and stay safe. We have visitor information and where to go when things go wrong. One one hand the people in Lagos are nice, aggressive and have a sense of humour and at the same time it can be a very unsafe and dangerous place.Try not to look like you have just arrived and don’t know anything as many are opportunists as well!


A foodie who likes to cook,and relax on the Beach.


A wonderful lawyer and we know she is also a Secret Foodie.


A BioMedical Scientist,Data Analyst,and Singer who runs for a hobby


Chris is a Polo Consultant who specialises in everything Polo.


Our Web Developer who likes to Travel the World.