Birds in Lagos

Posted on 27 Jan 2016 by
Amanda Banjo

Imagine my excitement when I saw these birds, I couldn’t believe the beautiful colours. Faced with the dismal idea of no light or electricity in Lagos, I found myself searching the trees and electricity lines for interesting and exciting birds. No doubt some of them made a terrible noise especially in the evenings, and some of them proved to be very cheeky indeed!

Very soon I realised most of these birds were regular visitors.They all had their special trees they loved to visit.

From Kingfishers to the most exciting Blue Eared Starlings, as I soon found out their names by making some enquiries by email, from the African bird club.I vaguely remember when I was very young, seeing the most beautiful birds in the Hibiscus Flowers.
Indeed the Nigerian Sunbird visits Allamanda flowers as well

Finding these birds in Ikeja, Lagos almost felt like I had found some sort of treasure. Nothing that anybody could really give me and one of those rare moments when we come to appreciate, nature and wildlife.

And so they seem to assemble themselves like a family, in the treehouse every evening on their way home. Some were easy to find and see and others hid i noticed. But early in the morning I was always privileged to find the Green parakeets somewhere in the Mango trees

Hence, one must always take in the surroundings or you never know what you will miss.


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